What Are the Effects of a Contact Shot for Personal Defense?

In your extreme-close-quarters-encounter class, you were cautioned that contact shots could cause a handgun to malfunction, and possibly not fire at all, leading to an even graver situation.

Pistol-Practice Goal: Make It Second Nature

Ordinary, everyday tasks with your pistol should be as commonplace as breathing. Practice until this is the case.

Shooting vs. Fighting: Learn the Difference

So, you've learned how to shoot a gun and hit a target consistently? Good! Now, says Sheriff Jim, it's time to learn how to fight. What's the difference? Find out here.

Surviving a Gunfight: Go Back to Basics

While more than a century has passed since the days of the Wild West, there are still important lessons to take away from those early days. Sheriff Jim explains.

Surviving a Gunfight: Tips for Preparation & Problem-Solving

How can you expect the unexpected in a gunfight and survive? Sheriff Jim has a few tips for armed citizens looking to gain the upper hand.

Behind the Gun: Pistol Training vs. Pistol Choice

As Sheriff Jim highlights in these anecdotes, there's much more to personal defense than just buying the right gun. Here's what training really means when compared to your pistol of choice.

'FBI Miami Firefight': Lessons Learned

The 1986 Miami firefight involving the FBI and two bank robbers was a major catalyst for change in law-enforcement and defensive gun use. Now, retired FBI agent Edmundo Mireles shares his story of the gun battle.

Reloading and Clearing Malfunctions in a Gunfight

When it comes to a gunfight, Murphy's Law remains supreme. Be sure you have these reloading and malfunction drills down, along with a few other tips from the sheriff.

Modern Lessons from the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

The gunfight at the O.K. Corral is one of the iconic shootouts of the Old West. What can modern defensive shooters learn from this incident? Sheriff Jim weighs in.

A Classic Gunfight

This past October marked the 130th anniversary of one of the classic gunfights of the Old West. (Photo courtesy of Boot Hill Cemetery)


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