Replacing an AR-15 Safety Selector

The steps to replace an AR's safety selector are easy. It's having to do it at a time not of your choosing that's not.

Present Arms’ Sentinel Plate

For those of you who wish for a second set of hands while at the range, Present Arms has come to the rescue.

1911 Finish Options

Don’t wait until your 1911 is finished before contemplating the right finish for your needs.

1911 Live-Fire Function Test

After all your hard work, chances are you just want to load multiple magazines and start throwing rounds downrange at a pace that would make Jerry Miculek jealous—and rightfully so—however, not just yet.

1911 Polishing To Near Perfection

One of the easiest tasks of 1911 gunsmith is one of the misunderstood and, unfortunately it can easily be overdone to ruin.

Cammer Technologies LLC: Cammer Hammer

You don’t need to be arthritic, physically disabled or a gimpy gunwriter to appreciate products that make operation your 1911 easier.

1911 Cycling for Dummies

While I’m sure you’re anxious to head to the range with your custom creation in hand, image the embarrassment if the first shot signified the beginning of an aggravation-filled jam session.

1911 Test Time—Safety Checks 101

Time to learn how to verify whether your pistol is safe to shoot, so throw away your bubble gum and take your seats.

1911 Harrison Design HD-805 True Radius PRO Sear-Stoning Jig

While altering sear-nose geometry is one of the most challenging/intimidating aspects of a 1911 build, a product from Harrison Design & Consulting offers a welcome alternative that simplifies the process, leaving you more money to spend on ammo.

Useful 1911 Tip: Preventing the “Idiot Scratch”

The following slight modifications prolong its service life and promote hassle-free maintenance that will keep your pistol looking its best.

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