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Firearm Training: Safety First

Safety is always key when you are unfamiliar with a new firearm.

Iowa Suppressor Bill Moving

Iowa House File 2043, which would legalize the ownership and possession of firearm sound suppressors, passed the House Judiciary Subcommittee this week by a 2-1 vote and is expected to have adequate support in the General Assembly for passage during the current session.

King County Sheriff Issues Order to Deputies in Wake of Paris Attacks

The sheriff of King County in Washington has ordered deputies to remain armed even when off-duty in light of recent events.

West Virginia Re-Establishes Concealed Carry Reciprocity With Nevada

West Virginia re-establishes concealed-carry reciprocity with Nevada.

Is Kansas the Most Second Amendment-Friendly State?

New state law voids Federal statutes at odds with the Second Amendment.

As Some States Dismiss Firearms Manufacturers, Others Welcome Them

As lawmakers in states like New York, Colorado and Connecticut approve historically restrictive firearms legislation, leaders in other states are reaching out to manufacturers of guns, ammunition and shooting accessories to let them know their business—and their products—are welcome.

Guns, Camera, Action!

Ever wonder how movie studios obtain and use firearms? Here's the answer.

An Interview with Firearm Law Authority Scott Kappas

The "Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States" is an invaluable resource for the armed traveler. Listen to an interview with the author of this essential guide.

Pennsylvania's Firearms Preemption Law Heads to Governor

Pennsylvania is poised to make life easier for law-abiding gun owners in that state to remain law-abiding by equalizing gun laws across the Commonwealth.

Restrictive Firearms Ordinance Doesn't Play in Peoria

A local ordinance imposing draconian and unusual requirements on citizens purchasing firearms has been stricken in Peoria, IL.

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