Otis Technology Launches New Defender Series Cleaning Kit

The Defender Series Cleaning Kit, once reserved for military use, is now available for hunters and shooters.

Chilling Out: Cold-Weather Gun Care

I pretty much grew up with a rifle in my hands. First it was the obligatory toy gun, followed by BB and pellet launchers and finally—once I wore down my parents’ resistance—rimfire and centerfire rifles.

Keeping It Dry: Dessicant Review

Here’s a simple and inexpensive addition you can make to your gun safe and survival gear to minimize the chances of rust and damage.

Revolver Blast Added to NRA Licensed Gun Care Product Line

Mil-Comm Products Company, Inc., makers of the TW25B® line of U.S. military-grade gun lubricants and cleaners, is introducing a unique, new aerosol-spray cleaner / lubricant / protectant, "REVOLVER BLAST," which the Company will begin marketing today as part of its NRA® Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM product line.


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