Range Review: PolyFrang Metal-Impregnated Polymer Ammo

Overpenetration and lethal rounds traveling through interior walls are both issues with home-defense loads fired in the AR-15. The metal-impregnated ammo developed by PolyFrang aims to eliminate these issues.

Military Importer/Exporter Global Ordnance Enters Commercial Market

Military importer/exporter Global Ordnance jumped into the commercial market with both feet in 2019, becoming the exclusive importer for several specialized commercial products. We got our hands on a few of the items here.

New for 2018: Eagle Imports Grand Power Stribog SP9A1

The Stribog SP9A1, a design from Slovakian firearms manufacturer Grand Power, is being imported into the U.S. through Eagle Imports in 2018.

Grand Power X-Calibur

Originally designed for competition, Grand Power’s X-Calibur offers an edge when a threat is imminent.


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