Review: Remington Black Belt Ammo

Move over Jackie Chan and Jet Li, there’s a new black belt in town, and it comes from Remington's ammunition lineup.

First Look: Remington Golden Saber Black Belt Ammo

Remington pushed self-defense ammo to new heights with the launch of the company's all-new Golden Saber Black Belt ammo. See the design details on the new round here.

.45 ACP Remington 185-grain Bonded Golden Saber

Find out why our resident ballistics guru recommended this load to his local sheriff's department.

.40 S&W Remington 180-grain Bonded Golden Saber

How does the most popular bullet weight for the .40 S&W stack up?

.40 S&W Remington 165-grain Bonded Golden Saber

Another LE-only load from Remington that, while the name implies otherwise, civilians can legally own without much effort.

9 mm Remington 124-grain Golden Saber Bonded

This law-enforcement-only load from Remington is perfectly legal for civilians to own, and it performs almost exactly to FBI requirements.


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