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The Fix: Repeat Training

Repetition is the cornerstone to locking in a new skill.

What Does “Clean” Really Mean?

Moderate use of a quality CLP such as Ballistol can be used to protect the metal parts of your handgun from the hazards posed by corrosion, friction and also fouling.

Do You Need Snap Caps For Dry Fire Practice?

Having two six-shot revolvers—one with a transfer bar and one without—are snap caps needed for dry firing either one or both?

With Or Without A Side Of Jam?

Why is one pistol more reliable than another?

You Are Not Getting Any Younger!

You just started collecting Social Security and are now fully retired from the day-to-day rat race of making a living. This is the time in life you had been looking forward to, which equates to unlimited range days with your favorite pistols.

What Causes Accidental Discharges?

There’s been a lot of talk about guns going off on their own lately. What’s really happening?

The Red-Dot Dilemma

So you've decided to take the plunge and go the route of a red-dot sight on your everyday-carry gun. 

Tech Wisdom: History Mystery

.475 Ruger, .480 Ruger, whatever it takes.

No Fun Finding 9x21 Ammo

When dealing with two similar calibers like the 9x21 mm and the 9 mm one must be particularly cognizant that the ammo used matches the caliber stamped on the barrel to lessen the possibility of potential damage to yourself and/or your firearm. 

Tech Wisdom: A Fortunate Find

A rimfire conversion kit such as the U.S. military-surplus model shown above is a budget-conscious means of refining one’s vital marksmanship skills.

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