Muzzle Device Roundup: Six Great Options

Whether you just bought an AR and are getting the urge to upgrade, or you’re finishing a build, here’s a half-dozen great muzzle devices to consider.

10 Great Aftermarket Upgrades for the CZ Scorpion

In just a few short years, the CZ Scorpion EVO platform has become so immensely popular that it has spawned a whole swarm of aftermarket parts and accessories.

First Look: RISE Armament Veil Flash Hider

Initially available only on the company's Watchman rifle, RISE Armament now offers its Veil Flash Hider as a standalone option for consumers looking to enhance their AR-15s.

First Look: AAC Brakeout 2.0 SG12 Shotgun Muzzle Brake

Looking for a way to manage the recoil on your 12-gauge home-defense shotgun? Add the all-new AAC Brakeout SG12 muzzle brake to cut down on the kick.

Tips & Products for Battling Muzzle Blast

Muzzle flash can present an obstacle while shooting in low light, and the attendant muzzle blast can wreak havoc any time. However, there are ways to mitigate this unpleasant aspect of rifle shooting.

First Impressions: Mission First Tactical AR-15 Muzzle Devices

Best-known for the lightweight Minimalist stock, Mission First Tactical now offers muzzle devices for your AR-15.

Faxon Firearms Adds Two New MuzzLok Muzzle Devices

Faxon's two new muzzle devices, the Gunner and the Flame, are new additions to the company's innovative Muzzlok line.

Xtreme Precision Zombie Thumper Flash Hider

Xtreme Precision offers a unique style of muzzle device for an AR-15.

Faxon Firearms Loud Mouth Muzzle Brake

Faxon has a muzzle brake designed to foster rapid follow-up shots with less recoil.

SureFire Total Signature Reduction

SureFire's suppressors are starting to gain as large a following as its flashlights, and for good reason.

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