Sheriff Jim Wilson

Exceptions To The Rule

There is no such thing as a typical gunfight.

Handgun Selections for Women

Selecting a personal-defense gun is a very subjective thing.

Firearm Training: Live with Your Defensive Firearm

In his various writings, Col. Jeff Cooper admonished his students and readers to live with their defense gun.

Firearm Training: Safety First

Safety is always key when you are unfamiliar with a new firearm.

Firearm Practice: Slow and Steady

There's no need to be the fastest when it comes to firearm practice. As they say, slow and steady can win the race.

Firearm Training: Realistic Practice

One of the values of attending a good defensive training school is the realization that the necessary shooting skills are not going to be acquired overnight.

High-Round Count Training: Worth the Investment?

You have saved your money to attend a mid-level, 3-day shooting class with a well-known instructor.

Dot-Torture Drill Revised

For about the last five years or so the popular Dot Torture drill and target have been showing up in a multitude of defensive courses, both introductory and advanced in nature.

Top 5 Shooting Illustrated Articles of 2018

Over the last year, we've covered a range of topics. Here are the top five articles that resonated with our readers.

Firearm Familiarity: Building Confidence in Your CCW Gun

If you know your concealed-carry gun, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles, says Sheriff Wilson, channeling Sun Tzu.

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