Glock DIY Guide: Disassembling the Trigger Module

Whether your goal is complete replacement or preparing to for a custom trigger job, getting a Glock’s trigger module down to its key components is easy.

Glock Guide: DIY Frame Disassembly

Before adding in custom components in your Glock frame, it's necessary to tear down your OEM pistol. Here's how to get your frame apart.

Glock Guide: DIY Slide Disassembly

Looking to do some custom work on your Glock pistol slide? Here's how to take your slide and striker down for custom work or parts repair.

DIY Guide: Field-Stripping a Glock

Whether you're doing it for cleaning, maintenance or upgrades, knowing how to easily and effectively field-strip your Glock handgun is critical. Here's how to do it.

Magazine Maintenance Tips: Cleaning, Inspection & Function-Testing

Regular inspection and maintenance of your pistol magazines will greatly prolong the service life of your handgun’s feeding device.

The Ultimate Guide to Revolver Disassembly and Cleaning

Doing a basic clean on any revolver isn't hard, but what happens when more extensive maintenance is required? Here's a rundown on total disassembly and cleaning for your wheelgun.


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