Defend against a carjacking

Defending Your Vehicle

From carjackings to aggressive drivers to violent demonstrations, it's not all that safe on our streets right now.

Making The Right Moves

It's a simple concept: Moving targets are harder to hit.

Why Defensive Firearms Training is So Important

Yes, you may never have to fire your handgun in defense of your life or family, but the possibility always exists.

Tip: You Are Responsible for Your Own Safety

So far, 2020 has turned out to be quite a surprise for all of us.

Firearm Practice: Slow and Steady

There's no need to be the fastest when it comes to firearm practice. As they say, slow and steady can win the race.

Firearm Training: Realistic Practice

One of the values of attending a good defensive training school is the realization that the necessary shooting skills are not going to be acquired overnight.

Looking & Assessing: An Essential Element of Defensive Training

During training, many shooters feign that look-and-assess movement at the end of a shooting string...but do they really mean it? Here's why it's important to check your surroundings, even when practicing.

Dealing With Danger: Desensitization and Decision-Making

Properly desensitizing yourself to things that could be perceived as an active threat allows you to respond quicker to danger.

Do the Unexpected

Do something an attacker would never expect can buy you precious time to defend yourself or call the authorities.


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