Tokarev 20 Gauge Shotgun

Frst Look: SDS Tokarev 20 Gauge Shotguns

Available in either matte black or nickel finishes.

More Thoughts On The Defensive Shotgun

Good training and good technique makes the scattergun even more effective.

Thoughts On The Defensive Shotgun

It’s hard to top the power of a defensive shotgun when things get up close and personal. 

Carrying Extra Ammo on Your Shotgun

Keep your gun in the fight by keeping the magazine full.

Does Birdshot Overpenetrate?

Home defenders sometimes opt for birdshot, thinking it won’t overpenetrate. We put this concept to the test.

First Look: Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Shotgun

All the features you want in a tactical or defensive shotgun, combined with Beretta quality and a rather nice price.

Using “Push-Pull” For Recoil Control

For those who dread the recoil of a 12-gauge shotgun, there’s a technique that can help.

Shotgun Light Roundup

When it comes to home defense, a shotgun brings a lot to the party. Bring some light as well.

First Look: Vang Comp/Symtac 870 Shotgun

A customized tactical scattergun created in conjunction with a top firearm-training company.

Stop the Spread: Patterning A Defensive Shotgun

Patterning your defensive shotgun and ammunition is paramount for home defense.

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