It’s 90-Percent Mental

The physical act of shooting isn’t tremendously difficult; most of the complicated stuff is in your head.

Competitive versus Defensive Shooting: Which Is Better?

It's an age-old debate: Does taking part in competitive shooting help or hinder defensive shooting? Steve Tarani gives his take on the two sides.

Point Shooting Vs. Sighted Fire: Which is Better?

The battle rages on between point shooters and those who rely on sighted fire. Is there a true winner in that contest?

The Secret to Becoming a Great Handgun Shooter

Richard Mann talks about the one secret to handgun shooting that must be mastered in order for you to become a great shooter.

Ruger to Sponsor ADSS Event for Americans with Disabilities

Ruger will be sponsoring the Adaptive Defensive Shooting Summit for Americans with disabilities this summer.

New Course and Summit Coming to SIG Sauer Academy

SIG Sauer Academy has added Rifle Mechanics to its catalog of courses and upcoming sessions for the new one-day classes include July 7, 9 and 11.

Don't Get Trapped by Myths

Instead of imagining events that make us the winner and hero, the defensive shooter is far better off to imagine scenarios when everything has gone wrong.

Skills Check: Failure Drill Speed Reload

Think the Failure Drill is too easy? Here's a variant of the drill with a speed reload thrown into the mix.

Defensive Shooting Stances in the Real World

We all know what shooting stances are popular on the square range, but how does that translate into actual defensive shooting? Sheriff Jim explains.

Rangemaster: Gunsite Academy's Ed Stock

Manners need not always be in “stock” when it comes to being a rangemaster at Gunsite Academy.

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