Charter Arms Bulldog

Review: Charter Arms Classic Bulldog

What’s old is new again, and just as practical for personal protection.

First Look: Original Precision Moon Clips and Cylinders

Improve the reliability of your carry revolver with this cylinder and moon clip combination.

What Today's Shooter Can Learn From the Revolver

Today’s students of the revolver would be well served by studying works of gunwriters from the past.

Drawbacks to the DA Revolver

Even though the DA revolver is a great option for a defensive firearm, there are a couple of issues that prospective revolver buyers should consider.

Defensive Revolvers: Is it a Trend or Just a Fad?

Sheriff Jim ponders the recent interest of defensive revolvers and wonders if it's a trend or just a fad.

Skills Check: Single-Action Defensive Revolver Drill

Should you choose a single-action revolver for defensive purposes, it’s imperative to know how to run it well.


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