Sheriff Jim Wilson

Be Ready

What to do when something just doesn't look right.

Less-Lethal Self-Defense Products

Not every defensive encounter will justify the use of lethal force, so it’s always a good idea to have tools like these to help protect yourself in such situations.

New Modern Sporting Rifles for 2023

America's most popular style of rifle rolls into 2023 as strong as ever.

New Shotguns for 2023

The tactical shotgun continues to be a popular choice for the armed citizen. 

Verbal De-Escalation Is A Learned Skill

Stop trouble before it starts.

There's No Such Thing As "Average"

We often hear about the “average” self-defense scenario, but the truth is every encounter is unique.

What's More Important Than The Gun You Carry?

Taking a 10,000-foot view of self-defense means looking at all aspects of the subject.

Watching Their Hands and Making Decisions

Ok, so there's a threat in front of you, and things are getting ugly. Now what?

Upgrade Your AK

Communism only made one thing that works, and capitalism can make it even better. Amp up your AK with these exciting accessories.

Beretta USA Delivers Sako TRG M10 Rifles to NYPD

The deal includes several TRG M10 multi-caliber rifles as well as armorer training.

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