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Survey Finds Americans Use A Gun For Self-Defense 1.67 Million Times Annually

Responders reported that most incidents are resolved without any shots being fired.

Utilizing the Element of Surprise

The combat element of surprise has been utilized for thousands, if not millions, of years. The important lesson learned early is that it works. It works for a simple reason: The opposition wasn’t expecting that particular maneuver, weapon or reaction.

Complacency Can Get You Killed

There is no such thing as being too prepared for the worst.

Latest Study: More than 17 Million CCW Permit Holders in U.S.

The Crime Prevention Research Center released the results of a 2018 study that shows a record number of concealed-carry permit holders in America.

Record Increase in Number of Concealed Carry Permits

The Crime Prevention Research Center released the results of its 2016 study, which showed a remarkable increase in the number of citizens getting their concealed carry permit.

Getting Involved

Wanting to help is basic human nature, but getting involved without knowing all the facts can be hazardous.

Dumb Criminals Pick Wrong Gun Shop To Rob

The most fitting expression here is "a cataclysmic failure in the victim selection process."

Virginia Firearms Sales Soar While Crime Decreases

Reflecting a national trend, firearm-related violent crime continues to plummet in Virginia as the sales of firearms soar, an indicator reported by a leading state newspaper as particularly inconsistent, "given the current rhetoric about strengthening gun laws."

Gun Running Exposed

An inside look at another botched ATF operation on our southern border.

Virginia Firearms Sales Soar, Gun-Related Violence Sinks

Revealing new data from Virginia dispels many of the myths put forth by anti-gun organizations shows. Gun-related violence in the Commonwealth of Virginia has dropped to period lows, while firearms sales have soared to record levels.

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