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Court: Residency Requirement for Handgun Purchases Unconstitutional

A ruling in Texas regarding the availability of handguns may have implications throughout the country.

Judge Nixes AG's Request in Gun Purchase Waiting Period Case

California gun owners have some good news with regard to the state's waiting period for new handguns.

Hawaii Court Favors Firearms Permits for Legal Immigrants

Gun rights for legal immigrants to the United States have been reaffirmed in Hawaii, as a federal judge overturned a law banning permits for legal permanent residents.

California's 10-Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional

Decision a victory for civil rights in the nation's most populous state.

Court Upholds Florida's Firearm Owners' Privacy Act

The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the state of Florida and law-abiding gun owners over activist doctors and the gun-control lobby.

Michigan Ruling Favors Sport Shooting Range Act

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled in favor of a gun range, overturning a lower court decision.

California CCW Ruling Appealed, County Applications Surge

California is experiencing higher-than-normal volumes of concealed-carry permit applications since its "good cause" requirement was ruled unconstitutional.

After Ninth Circuit Ruling, California County Adjusts CCW Requirements

A ruling in California challenges the need to show "good cause" for a concealed weapons permit. Could this signal a change in the process by which "may-issue" states grant permits?

N.H. Supreme Court: Loaded Means Loaded

In a unanimous opinion issued Aug. 7, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled the state's law that defines when a handgun is "loaded" for purposes of triggering the necessity of a carry license means exactly what it says.

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