The Colt Experience

First Shots: Colt Experience at Range Ready

Buy a 1911, get some gear and a top-notch class with it? Sounds good to us!

Texas Ranger Charlie Miller

The art of self-defense has evolved through a period of trial and error, and so did those who gained notoriety along the way. 

Gunsite Honors Wiley Clapp

A classroom at Gunsite will be be named after the long-time Shooting Illustrated contributor and columnist.

First Look: Blackhawk T-Series L2C Holsters for 1911 and Springfield XD Pistols

Blackhawk recently expanded its T-Series L2C holster line to include models for the Colt 1911 and Springfield XD pistols.

Product Review: Bullhide Belts Holsters

Expanding on its services to shooters and concealed-carry licensees, the folks at Bullhide Belts now offer custom-made holsters for a wide variety of popular semi-automatics and revolvers.

John Browning's Firearm Designs: Still In Service Today

If you own a firearm, chances are you have John Moses Browning to thank for some part of that gun. Maybe even the whole thing.

First Look: Colt 1911 Series 70 Competition Pistol

Colt announced that its line of 1911 Competition Pistols would now feature the popular Series 70 firing system.

Colt Lightweight Commander Pistol

Colt has upgraded the original “carry” 1911, making a good pistol better without overdoing it.


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