Why A Shotgun Is Best for Home Defense (And All Sorts Of Other Things)

Have you lost that lovin’ feelin’ for your scattergun? Here’s why it should be a go-to choice for home defense.

Federal Air Marshal Qualification: Test Your CCW Skills

Created for the Federal Air Marshal Service, the Tactical Pistol Course is an excellent source of training for the armed citizen.

The Statistics of Self-Defense: Don't Bet Your Life on Averages

Don’t base your self-defense strategy on the average anything. You’re not average, right?

Skills Check: Snap-Shooting Rifle Drill

Shooting a rifle quickly at close range involves a number of important skills worth practicing and keeping sharp. Here's a snap-shooting drill to test your rifle skills.

Training for Close-Range Defense with Your Concealed Carry Gun

Preparing for close-range encounters is vital for self-defense, and users must know how to effectively use their concealed-carry gun at these distances.

Practice for the Most Danger

Preparing for close-range encounters is vital for self-defense.


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