Review: Smith & Wesson PC Model 19 Carry Comp

One of Smith & Wesson’s latest wheelguns from its Performance Center offers a new twist on the quintessential K-frame. Here's a look at the new Model 19 Carry Comp.

5 Solid OWB Holsters for Daily Carry

With a bit more room to operate outside the waistband, OWB holsters can have a few more added features, giving rise to a range of options for the daily carrier.

New for 2018: Smith & Wesson Model 19 PC Carry Comp

For 2018, Smith & Wesson brought back the long-dormant Model 19, and one of the updated models is the Carry Comp designed for daily use.

First Look: Wilson Combat Carry Comp Pro 1911

Wilson Combat added a new concealed-carry 1911 to its lineup, designed to improve firearm control.


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