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First Look: Birchwood Casey 36-Inch Single Gun Case

Birchwood Casey is known for their targets and shooting support gear, and now they have just released a soft-padded case ideally suited for AR-15 and AK-pattern rifles, called the Single Gun Case 36 Inch.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Texas Star Plinking Target

Birchwood Casey is known for making targets and shooting support gear and now the company is rolling out the Texas Star Plinking Target, a new piece of range gear designed to make your training sessions both productive and exciting.

GSM Outdoors Acquires TruGlo

GSM Outdoors, a multi-brand manufacturer and technology innovator of shooting and hunting products, has acquired TruGlo, a highly recognized name in the outdoor industry for more than 25 years.

GSM Outdoors Buys Birchwood Casey

GSM Outdoors has been acquiring a number of large industry brands over the years, and one of its latest acquisitions is Birchwood Casey.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Back Drop Rimfire Target

Designed to test the limits of a precision rimfire rifle, the Birchwood Casey Back Drop target

Standing Steel: 5 Target Stands for Your Range Setup

More and more of today's shooters are incorporating steel into their shooting setups, but finding a stand or hanger can be a different challenge. Here are five solid options on the market.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Gun Plumber Handgun Tool

Fix issues quickly at the range or in the field, thanks to Birchwood Casey's compact, handy Gun Plumber handgun tool.

Holiday Gifts for the Gun Enthusiast: 15 Options From $25-35.99

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the firearm fan in your life? Take a look at these 15 affordable options here.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Bore Weevil Cleaning Kit

Don't frustrate yourself with messy pull-through bore cleaners or broken cleaning rods. The Birchwood Casey Bore Weevil is designed to provide clean, trouble-free pull-through cleanining.

5 Do-It-All Birchwood Casey Steel Targets for Range Training

Looking for a general-purpose steel-target setup? These five options from Birchwood Casey are one firearm instructor's choice for training his students.

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