Anderson AM-10 Gen 2

First Look: Anderson AM-10 Gen 2 Rifles

New affordable AR-10 rifles in three different configurations.

Review: DS Arms FAL Custom Para & SA58 Improved Battle Carbine

The recent run on ARs and AKs has forced a needed re-appreciation of the FAL, “Freedom’s Right Arm” and one of the great MSR designs. Patrick Sweeney reviews the DS Arms FAL Custom Para & SA58 Improved Battle Carbine.

Portrait of a Hero: Medal of Honor Recipient John Chapman

He earned his wings—in this life and the next.

.308 Win. vs. 7.62 NATO: What's the Difference?

The .308 Win. and 7.62 NATO are popular calibers among tactical shooters, but what's the difference between the two? Which ones can be safely shot in what guns? Find out the details here.

4 Apocalypse-Ready Rifles: Which One is Best?

If you're in the market for an apocalypse-ready rifles, there are many different types that can fit the role. Which one should you choose? We examine pros and cons here.

Classic Guns: Lt. Donald Simpson Bell's Webley Mk V Revolver

In one of the bloodiest battles of World War I, the Webley Mk V proved itself in the hands of 2nd Lt. Donald Simpson Bell as he charged across the Somme battlefield.

FN America Kicks Off 'Battle-Proven Tour'

FN America is bringing its products directly to consumers and opening up a venue for consumer input in its all-new Battle-Proven Tour across the U.S.

Defining and Defending Your Personal Battle Space

Whether the threat is near or far, there are a number of best practices for self-defense that could save your life. Here's how to assess and address threats you may face.

First Look: SIG Sauer Bravo3 & Bravo5 Battle Sights

SIG Sauer added two new models to its Bravo Battle Sight optics lineup in 2018, offering AR-specific optics to tactical shooters.

University of Texas Police Buy Battle Rifle Company AR-15s

The University of Texas Police Department recently equipped its Special Response Team with these AR-15 rifles from Battle Rifle Company.

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