Review: CZ-USA P-10 C

CZ’s long-awaited polymer-frame, striker-fired P-10 C is the pistol we’d hoped it would be.

Dry-Fire Practice: Tips From an Old Hand

Growing up, Bart Skelton watched his dad, Skeeter Skelton, dry-firing guns on a regular basis to build his shooting skills. Here are a few things he's learned over the years.

Fitness & Firearms: How Light Exercise Can Improve Shooting

Good firearm owners are always trying to find ways to improve their gun-handling skills, and one easy way to do it is incorporating some light exercise.

Cocked & Locked: The Best Way to Carry a 1911

It's possible to carry a 1911 using several different methods, but when examining the pros and cons of each method, it's clear that carrying cocked-and-locked is the best possible option.

Effective CCW Concealment: The Barranti Leather Swift Cover Vest

Looking for an ideal concealment garment for your CCW rig? Check out the optimized Swift Cover Vest from Barranti Leather.

Review: Smith & Wesson PC Model 19 Carry Comp

One of Smith & Wesson’s latest wheelguns from its Performance Center offers a new twist on the quintessential K-frame. Here's a look at the new Model 19 Carry Comp.

Review: Smith & Wesson Model 986 Performance Center

While competitive shooters have been aware of the Smith & Wesson Model 986 revolver for a while, the latest iteration from the Performance Center sports some excellent purpose-built features that can herald victory or save your life.

Review: Remington R1 Tactical Double Stack

Remington’s R1 Tactical Double Stack brings a lot to the party.

Single-Action Sweetness: My History With Freedom Arms Revolvers

Since he was a kid, Bart Skelton has always had a soft spot for single-action revolvers. In recent years, this affinity led him to enjoy the line of single-action revolvers made by Freedom Arms of Wyoming.

The Benét-Mercié Story: A French Machine Gun in the U.S. Military

What kind of lessons did the French-produced Benét-Mercié teach the U.S. military? Check out the story of this early military arm here.

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