Anderson AM-10 Gen 2

First Look: Anderson AM-10 Gen 2 Rifles

New affordable AR-10 rifles in three different configurations.

First Look: Anderson Manufacturing A4 Series

The four new complete builds from Anderson range from a large-format pistol to a 20 barreled AR.

Anderson Ranked No. 1 in Miscellaneous Firearms Production

Anderson Manufacturing recently ranked No. 1 in miscellaneous firearms production in a ATF report.

Anderson Manufacturing Ranks Number One

Surprised to see this manufacturer in the number one slot? Don't be - it speaks to the popularity of the ever-so-modular AR-15 platform.

AR-15 Pistol Build: Components & Considerations

How different is building an AR-15-style pistol than a rifle or carbine? Not very, but there are some important factors in downsizing to a pistol.

Affordable AR-15: Palmetto State Armory Freedom Rifle Kit

Not that long ago, it was a deal to find an AR-15 under $1,000. Now, Palmetto State Armory is selling them for less than half that. How does it stack up? We found out.

Building an AR-15 Under 5 Pounds (Including Optic)

Breaking the 5-pound barrier when building an AR-15 with a mounted optic is a tall order, but Shooting Illustrated took on the challenge. Here's how we did it.


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