Essential Everyday-Carry Gear For New Shooters

Those new to concealed carry can find plenty of affordable EDC-gear options.

First Look: Luth-AR Ambi-Switch Extended Safety/Selector

Luth-AR is back with a new Ambi-Switch Extended Safety/Selector switch to add truly ambidextrous controls to your AR.

5 Solid Upgrades for Your Modern Sporting Rifle

Configure your MSR for self-defense and survival situations with the following products.

Apex Tactical Ambi Safety Levers for CZ Scorpion

Owners of CZ's Scorpion pistols and carbines can now grab Apex Tactical's new ambidextrous safety lever set.

Southpaw Solutions

As with most firearms, the manual of arms for AR-platform rifles is best suited for right-handed shooters. Configuring America's rifle for a southpaw involves more than installing an ambidextrous safety/selector.


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