U.S. Air Force and the São Paulo Brazil Military Police Select B&T firearms

In late November, the U.S. Air Force purchased 65 B&T APC9K PROs and last week the São Paulo Brazil Military Police announced its decision to procure B&T APC40 PRO models.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Changes Gun Policy

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton, OH, recently changed its gun policy, allowing employees with a CCW permit to carry their firearm on the base, unloaded and in a locked container.

Portrait of a Hero: Medal of Honor Recipient John Chapman

He earned his wings—in this life and the next.

New for 2018: Auto-Ordnance 'Squadron' 1911

Part of Auto-Ordnance's growing lineup of custom 1911 pistols, the "Squadron" 1911 pays homage to the fighter aircraft of WWII and the pilots who flew them into battle.

New for 2018: Auto-Ordnance 'Fly Girls' 1911A1 Pistol

Dedicated to the WASPs who served during World War II, the Auto-Ordnance "Fly Girls" 1911A1 includes special features designed to memorialize their service.

USAF Adopts Magpul PMag

A year after the Marine Corps adopted the Magpul PMag, the Air Force joined suit, announcing that it would replace its Enhanced Performance Magazines with the Gen 3 Pmag.

Troy Industries Offers Savings for Military Appreciation Month

Troy Industries is providing a number of discounts to show appreciation for the military. Military members can also email the company for a special appreciation package.

Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base Exchange Opens Gun Counter

Airmen stationed on the Maxwell-Gunter AFB in Montgomery, AL can now buy guns on the base.


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