First Look: Savage Arms Impulse Straight-Pull Rifle

Savage Arms is introducing the Impulse, a new line of American-made rifles that feature a unique straight-pull action that changes the basic function of the conventional bolt into one fast and easy-to-use movement.

Field Review: Savage Arms Model 110 Tactical

With a completely new brand behind the name, Savage Arms launched a number of new guns in 2018. We headed to South Dakota to try out the company's Model 110 Tactical.

Savage Introduces 110 Tactical Line with AccuFit Stock

Savage continues to build on its growing line of AccuFit-equipped rifles with stock fits for the 110 Tactical line.

First Look: Savage Arms Model 110 Wolverine

The new Model 110 Wolverine from Savage Arms is chambered in the big-bore .450 Bushmaster for hard-hitting power.

First Look: Savage Arms AccuFit Stock

Savage Arms upgraded its Model 110 rifle series in 2018 with the addition of its innovative AccuFit stock setup.


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