Rand Bore & Bolt Solvent

Cleaning dirty guns is one task most shooters don't relish. Here's a cleaner that might make the task a little less onerous.

Smith & Wesson VTACs

When first introduced to the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol a few years back, I knew immediately the ergonomics for wide-body handguns had changed dramatically. Photo by John Doukas

Viking Tactics VTAC-VSMP

These unusual sights combine the versatility of tritium vials with fiber-optic inserts.

Chest Rigs

To carry vital gear for your AR-15 without adding too much bulk and weight, consider a chest rig.

The 2x2x2 Drill

When faced with multiple threats, the temptation for panicked double-taps is great, but the 2x2x2 drill combines speed with fluidity when seconds count. Photo by Bryce M.Towsley

Tri-Lambda Drill

Some years ago, Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics and Rob Leatham were shooting together when Leatham came up with this drill.


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