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By Any Other Name

A look at recent gun introductions reveals a plethora of new pistols bearing names instead of less-than-inspiring numbers.

Review: Springfield Armory Echelon

Springfield Armory’s new pistol is unlike anything the company has offered in the past, and it may be its best handgun yet.

Is The Such A Thing As Too Much Grip Texture?

You learn to care about your grips when you have skin in the game.

Hammer (Fired) Time

Hammer-fired actions are clawing their way back into pistol design.

Review: FN America Reflex

FN has a hit on its hands with its cover of The Reflex. Talk about charting with a bullet …​

Lessons From The Great Caliber Wars

The need to be different can often be satisfied by embracing that which has temporarily fallen from favor.

How Do You Define Accuracy?

You’d think defining accuracy would be easy, but … 

Review: Taurus Model 327 Revolver

The basic roots of this revolver could hardly run deeper.

Review: Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7

Step on the gas with Smith & Wesson’s newest hotrod handgun.

Review: Taurus 856 TORO

Taurus’s new revolver has most of the old-school features of the classic fightin’ wheelgun, with one big concession to modernity.

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