Tac Shield Pivoting Bipod

In the market for a bipod for your rifle? Tac Shield's new line of adjustable bipods is an affordable new option.

Tactical Rifles Chimera M40T7 and Coonan Inc. Classic 1911

You can deal with long-distance shots and CQB work in style with this formidable combination.

Tactical Rifles Chimera M40T7 Gallery

With a businesslike look and superior accuracy, this rifle is a great choice for a tactical .308 Win. platform.

Spike's Tactical ST Vanguard

This new semi-automatic is a direct-gas-impingement-operated AR chambered for .223 Wylde, with a 16-inch Lothar Walther fluted, stainless steel barrel and a mid-length quad-rail handguard.


Camouflage equipment patterns are all the rage these days. I've been guilty of trying to make my rifles blend in with my surroundings since I was fairly young and in the Army.

Tactical Rifles Tactical M40A1-3

Without question, the .308 Win. and its military counterpart, the 7.62 NATO, are the go-to cartridges for precision tactical rifles.


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