Developing good shooting habits.

Developing Good Shooting Habits

Consistency and repetition are the keys to building on-demand skills.

It’s 90-Percent Mental

The physical act of shooting isn’t tremendously difficult; most of the complicated stuff is in your head.

The Follow Through Fallacy

Steve Tarani explains how what happens when shooting a gun is radically different than making a shot in other sports.

Efficiency Vs Speed

Shooting quickly means more than pressing the trigger quickly. It means knowing how to balance efficiency vs speed.

Understanding the Slide Stop

Knowing how your pistol operates can help you get your gun back into action more quickly.

Get The First Round On Target

The first shot is the most important shot when it matters the most.

Time Vs Timing

Unlocking the secrets of a speedy draw

Handbook: Using Your Environment to Prevail

Knowing your surroundings—and how to make use of them—can help you survive a criminal encounter.

Learning from Mistakes and Failures

We learn just as much, if not more, from our failures and mistakes than we do when we do everything right.

Handgun Trigger Fundamentals

Steve Tarani breaks down the process for proper handgun-trigger fundamentals for accurate shooting.

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