Athlon Midas Flash

First Look: Athlon Midas Flash Red Dot Sight

A new open emitter optic which works with the RMR footprint.

I Carry: FN America Reflex 9mm Pistol in a DeSantis Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we have the FN America Reflex MRD 9 mm pistol with a Shield Sights RMSw red-dot sight and AMR hood carried in a DeSantis Holsters Inside heat leather holster.

Head Down, Follow-Through

Resist the urge to stick your head up—you’re a shooter, not a prairie dog.

First Look: PARD TD 32 Thermal Night Vision Scope

Thermal vision and enhanced night vision, all in one optic.

I Carry: Springfield Armory Echelon 9 mm Pistol in a Crossbreed Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we have a Springfield Armory Echelon 9mm pistol carried in a Crossbreed Rogue holster with a Columbia River Knife & Tool Provoke EDC knife.

2023 New Optics Guide

Optics remain the preserve of ever-escalating innovation. Whether new technologies are introduced in a multi-purpose riflescope, existing tech is miniaturized for a micro-red-dot sight to fit on a pistol or once prohibitively expensive equipment like thermal sights are made increasingly affordable, the world of tactical optics is always exciting.

Reactive vs. Predictive Shooting

Most shooters believe the shooting process consists of simply aiming and pressing a trigger. What if you were to learn that there might be a high-octane additive to that process? Why is reactive shooting versus predictive shooting such a hot topic among high-performance shooters?

First Shots: Trijicon RMR HD Red-Dot Sight

Trijicon launches the RMR HD, an upgraded version of the RMR with a top-loading battery.

First Shots: Trijicon RCR Red-Dot Sight

Trijicon launches its new RCR (Ruggedized Closed Reflex) sight, adding an enclosed-emitter red-dot sight to the company's line of pistol-mounted optics.

2023 New Optics Guide: Rifle Sights

What was once considered esoteric has now become almost mandatory.

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