shotgun sights

The Pros and Cons Of A Red Dot Sight On Your Shotgun

Red-dot sights are all the rage. Should you put one on your home-defense shotgun?

Pump vs. Semi: Which Shotgun is Better for Personal Defense?

When it comes to personal defense, which is better: a pump or semi-auto shotgun? 

Handgun Speed vs. Accuracy: What's the Right Balance?

Volumes can and have been written about how fast is fast enough, and how accurate is accurate enough. The trick is the mixture of the two.

SIG Sauer M18 Sets New Reliability Standard

The SIG Sauer M18, the compact version of the M17, blew past the high water mark of 5,000 rounds fired with zero stoppages, setting a new standard in reliability.

Testing a New Concealed-Carry Gun: 3 Steps to Success

Should you choose a new concealed-carry gun with a different fire-control system, take your time in making the swap to complete your transition.


Richard Mann and Sheriff Jim Wilson talk with Dave Starin of Gunsite Academy about what makes a gun reliable.


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