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How to Perfect Your Draw Stroke

Sheriff Jim Wilson talks about the fundamental steps for properly drawing a pistol from the holster.

Speed Holstering: Why It's a Bad Idea

Quickly jamming a firearm into your holster can cause all sort of problems. Here's why Sheriff Jim recommends the slow, deliberate holstering of a handgun.

Safe Handgun Holstering: Tips, Techniques and Trivia

The vast majority of unintentionally loud instances involving firearms and handgun holstering can be avoided through judicious training and practice.

Holster Your Handgun Slowly, Not Quickly

Naturally, when someone is shooting at you, or otherwise trying to kill you, you need to be as fast as you can. However, when the fight or the threat no longer exist it is just an excellent idea to be very slow about holstering that defensive handgun.


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