The Case for Custom Defense Guns

Sometimes a little customization is just what the armed citizen needs.

First Look: XS Sights R3D Suppressor Height Sights for Glock Pistols

XS Sights recently changed the name of the RAM Night Sights to the R3D Night Sights, while introducing the new R3D Suppressor Height Sights for Glock pistols.

First Look: Meprolight R4E Tru-Dot Sights for Use with Suppressors

Meprolight makes the perfect open sights for use with handguns and suppressors. The R4E Tru-Dot Suppressor-Height sights are a great option on or off duty.

How to Adjust Open Sights on a Handgun

A majority of handguns are still equipped with notch and post iron sights. We'll discuss how to get the most out of your handgun sights in this article.

Front-Sight Focus: An Essential Aspect of Defensive Shooting

Some defensive-shooting techniques eschew the traditional front-sight focus, saying it slows down a defensive shooter. According to Sheriff Jim, this strategy couldn't be more wrong.

Misconceptions About Pistol Sights

What’s that old saying? A lie, told often enough, becomes truth?


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