Nosler rifles donation to Boot Campaign

Nosler Announces Rifle Package To Raise Money for Veterans

22 special edition rifles chambered in 28 Nosler will be sold to support the efforts of the Boot Campaign.

New Ammo for 2022

I’m a bit reluctant to present the new ammo products slated for production in 2022 because some of the new loads advertised for 2021 have yet to make it to dealer’s shelves. The reason for this was the unprecedented demand for ammunition we experienced over the last two years.

First Look: Nosler Suppressors

Nosler, long known for top-shelf ammunition, components and rifles, has added sound suppressors to its lineup.

First Look: Nosler Model 21 Rifle

Nosler, which is known for its premium bullets and custom-grade rifles, recently introduced the all-new Model 21 rifle to the company’s growing line of award-winning firearms.

The Complete Guide to AR-15 Cartridges

With all of the chambering options available for the AR-15 platform, which one is the best? The answer is: It depends.

SAAMI Accepts Two New Cartridges

In fall 2019, SAAMI standardized two new cartridge designs, one centerfire-rifle round and one shortened 12-gauge shotshell.

Review: The 22 Nosler

The AR-15 platform can be found in dozens of popular cartridges, but the new 22 Nosler offers a number of added performance qualities above other caliber options.

DIY Rifle Cartridges: Wildcatting Made Easy

Who says our AR-15s and boltguns should fire run-of-the-mill ammo? Here's a look at making wildcat cartridges fun and easy.

New for 2018: Nosler Model 48 Custom Handgun

Taking advice from today's handgun hunters, Nosler developed its Model 48 Custom Handgun to give fans enhanced capabilities when using handguns in the field.

New for 2018: Nosler M48 Long Range Carbon Rifle

Nosler teamed up with Proof Research to offer its new Long Range Carbon rifle, a lightened platform built for precision work.

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