winter gear

Wintertime CCW Gear

The following gear provides you with practical protection and welcome warmth—be it from bad weather or cold-blooded intentions.

New for 2019: Dark Storm Industries 50-State-Legal AR-15

Thanks to an innovative design from the team at Dark Storm Industries, this AR-style rifle can be owned in all 50 states.

Skills Check: 'New York Reload' Revolver Drill

Fans of Jim Cirillo’s New York Reload would do well to practice this drill, which features a primary and a backup revolver.

Two-Gun Carry: Considerations & Carry Options

Rather than carrying a reload, having a second gun can be a benefit to the concealed carrier. Here are a few considerations and tips for those looking to add a second gun to their CCW kit.

Hornady Halts Ammo Sales to NY Government Agencies

In response to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's urging that financial institutions cease doing business with the firearm industry, Hornady ceased all ammo sales to the New York government agencies.

Two Firearm Manufacturers Make Statements on Restrictive Gun Laws

Following the recent passage of new, restrictive firearms legislation in New York State and with similar measures currently being considered by lawmakers in Colorado and elsewhere, two U.S. firearm makers have stepped forward in the past week in defense of the Second Amendment, even though it may mean a loss of revenue to their businesses.

Veteran Sues Cuomo for Confiscation of Permit, Guns

A U.S. Navy veteran is taking on the state of New York in a lawsuit aimed at challenging the S.A.F.E. Act amid medical privacy concerns.

NY Church Gun Giveaway Rattles Media

A church in New York is giving away a NY-modified AR-15 to one lucky parishioner, and the usual suspects are—pardon the pun—up in arms about the offer.

Company Announces Departure From Gun-Unfriendly Empire State

New York joins Colorado in losing firearms-related manufacturing businesses as a direct result of anti-gun legislation.

Advice from a Pro

A late law enforcement legend had some great ideas regarding self-defense with firearms.

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