.223 Rem. projectiles

How Important is Bullet Construction?

Not all projectiles are created equal— but that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain similarities.

First Look: MDT Magazines 10-Round .223 Rem. AIC Magazine

MDT has added a 10-round .223 Rem. metal AICS magazine to their lineup of heavy-duty metal magazines.

3-D Metal Printing Gaining Traction

Small metal-injection-molded (MIM) parts are common in firearms, but the decades-old process for lower-pressure components may be short-lived if the latest figures from 3DEO are any indication.

First Look: Norma Tactical Ammo in .223 Rem.

Norma expanded its high-end ammunition lineup with a new collection of Tactical FMJ ammunition in .223 Rem. Take a look at the details here.

3D Printing Takes Off in the Firearm Industry

Firearm components are being created on 3D metal printers, and the pocketbook-friendly small parts can be stronger, held to tighter tolerances and last longer.

Finishes & Features from H&M Metal Processing

How can you ward off wear and corrosion without adding an extra dimension to your gun parts? H&M Metal Processing has the answer in its special treatment.

Gun Lube: How Much Is Too Much?

A book could be written about firearms lubrication with all of the facts and fiction concerning the subject. Here, we address the common question of lubing up your concealed-carry pistol.

Striker-Spring Fatigue: Is It a Problem?

With the explosion in striker-fired concealed-carry guns, many citizens are armed with guns that place tension on striker springs when loaded. When do these springs wear out and what issues will that cause?

First Look: Creedmoor Sports .30 Carbine Ammunition

Introduced in WWII, the .30 Carbine cartridge remains a viable option for a range of uses, from hunting to home defense. This all-new ammo option from Creedmoor Sports provides an option for affordable training.

Review: Lancer L30 Heavy Metal Rifle

Lancer Systems builds rifles and components using the same technology seen on the F-35 Lightning. If the company’s composite materials can withstand the heat and pressure of a thrust-vectoring nozzle, high round counts won’t shake the L30 Heavy Metal rifle.

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