Mauser HSc and the Heckler & Koch Model 4

The Best of the Blowbacks: Mauser HSc and the Heckler & Koch Model 4

In the April 2022 issue of Shooting Illustrated, this column looked at my all-time favorite carry gun, the Colt Model M or 1903/1908. This month we look at my favorite European semi-automatic, the Mauser HSc and its cousin, the Heckler & Koch Model 4.

What’s the Deal With Caliber?

Caliber is a critical aspect of ammunition, but it is something that is also often misunderstood or misrepresented. As it relates to firearms, caliber by definition—according to Merriam-Webster—is either A: the diameter of a bullet or other projectile, or B: the diameter of the bore of a gun usually expressed in hundredths or thousandths of an inch and typically written as a decimal, such as .35 caliber.

Classic Guns: The Polish wz.29

Eighty years ago, Poland faced the Nazi onslaught with an eclectic mix of firearms. One of the standouts in the country's arsenal was the wz.29.

Classic Guns: Mauser Tank Gewehr

Designed to penetrate the armor of the earliest tanks on the battlefields of World War One, the Mauser Tank Gewehr is the grand-daddy of every anti-tank rifle since.

Classic Guns: Gewehr G41(M)

Before the development of the well-known Gewehr G43, there was the Gewehr G41(M) "gas-trap" design from Mauser.

Classic Guns: The 1891 Argentine Mauser

Paul Mauser’s groundbreaking rifle would have implications around the globe, and the 1891 Argentine Mauser is a great example of the design.

Fightin' Iron: Style & Function in Early Semi-Auto Pistols

When it comes to combat, guns need only go bang and hit their mark; aesthetics aren’t part of the equation.

Classic Guns: The M712 Schnellfeuer 'Broomhandle' Mauser

No, it’s not a product of Hollywood’s overactive imagination; there really was a full-auto broomhandle Mauser. Check out the details behind the M712 Schnellfeuer.

WWI Battle Rifle: The Upgraded Mauser Gewehr 98 of 1918

The Mauser Gewehr 98 is a rifle that would become the progenitor of an entire species figured prominently in many campaigns during the First World War, and the rifle evolved greatly by 1918.

The Mauser Tank Gewehr: Tank-Killing Elephant Rifle

Think the .50 BMG is big? Mauser’s World War I Tank Gewehr begs to differ.

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