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Firearms, Ammo Tax Holidays Proposed in New Three States

The idea of firearm- and ammunition tax "amnesty" programs is spreading, and may be coming to your state soon.

Western-Maryland Bowhunters May Carry for Personal Protection

Concealed-carry rights for bowhunters have been expanding all over the country, including in some unlikely places.

Looming Maryland Gun Law Creates Huge Background-Check Logjam

Restrictive new firearms regulations set to become effective in Maryland beginning Oct. 1 have created such a cumbersome backlog within the state's background check system, the State Police announced this week it would temporarily waive enforcement of part of the law's provisions.

Injunction Issued in Maryland 'Shall Issue' Ruling

A federal judge on July 23 ordered Maryland officials to cease the enforcement of a law that prohibits state residents from receiving concealed-carry handgun permits unless they provide a "good and substantial reason" to carry their concealed guns in public.


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