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Your Go-To Move

When it comes to a self-defense situation, most shooters think “Well, I’ll just shoot him!” Others may consider their personal “go-to” move to be a martial arts technique such as a finger strike to the eyes, bare-knuckle punch to the throat or kick to the groin.

Why Resilience and Personal Defense Are Your Greatest Assets

What can you keep in your proverbial tool kit to help galvanize your own self-trust, burgeoning skills and personal confidence? The answer is personal resilience and self-defense.

How to Develop Fighting Skills

Knowing your gear is only part of the fight. The rest is, well, the fight.

Personal Defense Without a Concealed-Carry Gun

While having a concealed-carry gun is a great tool for personal defense, it simply isn't possible in some situations. What is an individual to do then? Sheriff Jim has the answer.


Part of your self-defense training should include rigorous physical activity. Being physically prepared might save your life.


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