FAB Defense Unveils GL-Core AR Buttstock

The newest addition to FAB Defense's line of AR buttstocks is the GL-Core, a simple and durable aftermarket option.

FAB Defense TAR Podium Bipod

FAB Defense offers a unique bipod for the Tavor.

FAB Defense GL Mag Stock

"I have too many magazines" said no AR-15 enthusiast, ever.

FAB Defense TZ-2 Magazine Coupler

Keeping more ammo in one place is a solid strategy. Here's a piece of kit that can help with that.

E-Lander AR-15 Magazines

For fans of steel mags, E-Lander has just what you're looking for.

FAB Defense PTK VTS Combo

There are a dizzying array of accessories to help fit your rifle or carbine. FAB Defense offers a simple grip and stop that can help.

Fab Defense T-Pod Foregrip Bipod

Looking to save space on your AR-15's fore-end? Here's a combination bipod and vertical grip from Fab Defense.

The Mako Group Cutting All Prices 30% on Black Friday

The Mako Group announces discounted pricing as a "Black Friday" special.

IDFholsters.com Now Offers Front Line's Crimson Trace Compatible Holsters

IDFHolsters now offers holsters for various popular concealed carry handguns equipped with Crimson Trace lasers.

FAB Defense-Hanover Gotcha Less-Lethal Self-Defense Tool

One of the more innovative products we've seen at the 2013 SHOT Show is devilishly simple and a great option for self-defense.

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