John Browning's Firearm Designs: Still In Service Today

If you own a firearm, chances are you have John Moses Browning to thank for some part of that gun. Maybe even the whole thing.

U.S. Rifles of WWI: The M1903 and M1917

America’s bolt-action infantry rifles came from two main camps, but both the M1903 Springfield and the M1917 Enfield were sturdy, stout options to fight the Kaiser’s forces.

Smith & Wesson Model 22 in .45 ACP

It's pretty well agreed the .45 ACP is clearly the best cartridge for self-defense.

More Specimens from Dr. Fronkensteen's Dungeon

While there's something to be said for sparing a handgun from the horror of the hacksaw, the belittlement of the buffing wheel and the blistering-hot confines of boarding inside a bluing tank; sometimes even a mad scientist realizes change is for the better.


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