Review: Springfield Armory M1A Standard Issue Rifle

Robert Sadowski takes an in-depth look at the M1A from Springfield, which has its roots deep in U.S. Military history.

The Ultimate M1A

Long shots across the desert sand have breathed new life into the battle rifle, and civilians can build their own, modern version. (Photo by Gary Paul Johnston)

Memorial Day

What's the big deal if your grandfather earned five Bronze Stars—not the two the family knew about? Such stories are poingnant reasons to dust off those boxes in the attic this Memorial Day Weekend.

Remembering the M14

Here is a pretty surprising statistic for you: In terms of service longevity, the M16 rifle and its many variants are the hands-down winners with 41 consecutive years. (DOD image)


The qualities that make the M14 so desired on the battlefield, still, are alive and well in several semi-automatic versions for civilian shooters.

M14 to M1A: The Last .308 Battle Rifle

The qualities that make the M14 battle rifle so desired for the military still are alive and well in the semi-automatic M1A versions for civilian shooters.

Guns of the Enemy in Afghanistan

Gunpundit's Shelby Murdoc takes a look at the guns the Taliban and al Qaeda are using in Afghanistan from AKs to Enfields and beyond.


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