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Louisiana, Mississippi to Observe 2nd Amendment Tax Holiday This Weekend

Louisiana and Mississippi will observe 2nd Amendment tax holiday this weekend.

Governors Take Action to Arm and Protect Guard Members

The governors of eight states have issued unprecedented executive orders in the past week, authorizing National Guardsmen to be armed at recruiting centers and other facilities in the wake of the July 16 deadly shooting rampage at military facilities in Chattanooga, TN, that killed five U.S. military personnel.

Louisiana Bill Expands Gun-Safety Training for Students

A measure that breezed through the Louisiana House and Senate and currently awaits the governor’s signature will authorize firearm accident prevention and safety instruction for elementary school students in The Bayou State based on the National Rifle Association’s acclaimed Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.

Louisiana, Mississippi to Observe 2nd Amendment Tax Holiday This Weekend

Both Louisiana and Mississippi have offered tax relief to shooting enthusiasts with a "tax-free" weekend on shooting supplies.

Successful Session for Gun Legislation Wraps Up in Bayou State

Louisiana is giving other states a run for the money in being gun friendly, with measures allowing suppressors for hunting, where concealed carriers may carry and exempting permit holders from certain checks.

Texas Senator Wants to Follow Neighbor's Lead with Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday

With the goal of following Louisiana's 2009 law, a Texas legislator hopes to bring a weekend tax holiday on firearms to the Lone Star State.

Louisiana Measure Expands Identity Protection for CHP Holders

Governor expected to sign bill that provides punishment for anyone intentionally revealing permit-holders' private information.

Strict Scrutiny Amendment Passes in Louisiana

Voters in Louisiana gave overwhelming approval to a constitutional amendment that provides the strongest and most comprehensive protection of any state in the country for the right to keep and bear arms.


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