First Look: JP Enterprises-Law Tactical Silent Captured Springs

New for 2020, JP Enterprises introduced the Law Tactical Silent Captured Spring, which is now fully compatible with the folding stock adapter.

Range Review: Daniel Defense DDM4 V7P Pistol

What happens when a few great products come together in the firearm world? You get a gun like the Daniel Defense DDM4 V7P AR-15 pistol.

Shaving Ounces

An average AR-platform rifle weighs 7.5 pounds loaded. While that may not sound like much, ounces can add up fast. But there are some some ounce-shaving avenues you can take.

Shorter is Better

Why bother with the long, drawn out and expensive process of submitting an application to register a short-barreled AR when installing a Law Tactical Gen 2 AR Folding Stock Adapter provides quick and nonrestricted means to shorten the size of your rifle by nearly a third?

Law Tactical Gen 2 AR Folding Stock Adapter

A folding stock on a direct-gas AR? Yup. And it works.


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