Kalashnikov USA AK 2.0 Trigger

First Look: Kalashnikov USA AK 2.0 Trigger

A drop-in upgrade for your AK-pattern firearm. 

5 More New Shotguns Seen at SHOT Show 2018

The firearm industry launched a number of new shotguns at SHOT Show 2018. Here's five new options to watch for this year.

Kalashnikov Group to Add 1,700 Employees

Sales at Kalashnikov are so great that the company plans to expand in 2017.

Building a Rare Romanian AK-47

A custom-built AK-47 combines an Apex Gun Parts demilled rifle kit with assembly work from James River Armory to deliver a civilian-legal variant of a rare and interesting 7.62x39 mm Kalashnikov.

PMAG 20 AK/AKM MOE from Magpul

Now shipping and interchangeable floor plates are available.

Kalashnikov USA's New American Weapons Now Available

Kalashnikov USA new models meet production and shipping goals set at 2015 SHOT Show.

Magpul MOE AK+ Grip

Magpul's MOE AK+ grip brings the same upgraded grip available to the AR-15 platform to the AK-47.

Nikonov AN-94

In 1993, a mysterious rifle appeared at an arms display at the elite Taman Guards Division outside Moscow.


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