Sheriff Jim

Keeping It In Perspective

Sheriff Jim urges us to work on getting better with the gear we have, rather than looking for the next big thing.

Critical Defensive Skills

Every once in a while, I run Into something that just makes me cringe, and that’s the person who says, “Well, I just bought a gun and a box of bullets, so I’m good to go—after I figure out how to load this thing.” 

Understanding The Defensive Double

What to do when it's not "one and done."

One-Handed Practice

A critical marksmanship skill that is easy to overlook.

Thoughts On Carrying Two Guns

Backup guns are common in law enforcement, but what about the armed citizen?

Making The Right Moves

It's a simple concept: Moving targets are harder to hit.

Trigger Finger Discipline

It's called RULE Number Three, not Guideline Number Three.

Stress And Fine Motor Skills

A little bit of pressure can make the simplest of tasks seem very difficult.

The Secrets of Verbal Deescalation

If you think about it, we spend our entire lives using our voice to get what we want and to try to avoid what we don’t. It is interesting how some folks develop this into quite an art, while others don’t have a clue.

Create a Diversion

Buy yourself time with a diversion in a criminal attack.

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