scope magnification

Choosing The Right Magnification For Your Rifle

The question isn't too much or too little magnification, the question is, what do you want to do with your rifle?

Understanding Optical Parallax

That parallax adjustment dial probably doesn't work like you think it does.

Alternatives to Red Dot Sights For Astigmatic Eyes

There are other options when it comes to long guns.

How Much Zoom Is Too Much Zoom?

An optic’s zoom range, more properly known as its erector ratio, is often a selling point, but what does it really mean?

Red Dot Sights and Astigmatism

How does astigmatism affect your ability to see the dot?

LPVO History and Applications

The story behind the creation and use of the LPVO, or low power variable optic.

Eyepiece Focus, Part 2: FFP Precision Scopes

A First Focal Plane optic demands a lot from your eye.

Eyepiece Adjustment Part 1: LPVOs

Properly setting up your scope right out of the box helps prevent issues down the road.


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