Advanced Munitions International, LLC Announces $553.6 Million Expansion In Tennessee

Advanced Munitions International, LLC (AMI) announces a $553.6 million expansion project in Tennessee.

HPR .300 AAC Blackout 150-grain SP

For increased expansion and lighter recoil, HPR offers a mid-weight .300 AAC Blackout round between the fast 110-grain FMJ and the suppressor-friendly 220-grain EMCON.

HPR .300 AAC Blackout 110-grain FMJ

Fan of .300 AAC Blackout? HPR Ammunition has you covered.

HPR Ammunition Black Ops .223 Rem. 62-Grain OTF

HPR's Black Ops line of quality defensive ammunition includes a 62-grain .223 Rem. option.

HPR .308 Win. Match Ammunition

HPR offers match-grade .308 Win. ammunition for your long-range needs.

HPR 125-Grain .38 Spl. Ammunition

HPR offers its .38 Spl. ammo in several configurations including this 125-grain TMJ.


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